Acne Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

How it Works

This is the best toner I’ve ever used! Not only does it tone the skin but it actually aids in fighting acne by disinfecting the skin and killing the bacteria on it’s surface. As an added bonus it also removes excess oil from the skin and helps maintain the normal pH balance of your skin.

How to Make the Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment Toner

When purchasing the apple cider vinegar make sure to get an organic brand. The bottles with little particle “strands” in the apple cider vinegar work the best because they are the least processed. I always buy the Bragg brand if I can find it, it’s usually in the “organic” section of the supermarket.

It’s important to start off with a heavily diluted solution to see how sensitive your skin is to the apple cider vinegar (ACV). I would recommend starting off with a less than 50/50 solution. For storing the solution you can use an old astringent bottle, spray bottle, or whatever bottle you have. I use an old deer park water bottle.

Pour the water and ACV into the bottle and make sure to shake it up before using. Most of the time I just use full strength ACV (not diluted at all) if my skin isn’t too irritated. You just have to know your own skin, if you have sensitive skin I recommend sticking with the 50/50 mixture.

Fighting Acne with the ACV Toner

I recommend you use this as part of the three step home remedy for acne I’ve described in a previous post. Apply the acne apple cider vinegar toner after cleansing your face.

Use a cotton ball or pad to apply the ACV toner. Just soak the cotton and swipe it over your entire face, making sure to avoid getting it in your eyes. Your eyes may water a little, don’t worry it happens to me every time I do it. Now, wait for it to dry and apply the moisturizer.

I don’t wash the ACV off, but if it’s irritating you face I’d recommend leaving it on for around ten minutes and then washing it off. After washing it off then apply the moisturizer. If your forced to do this try diluting the ACV with more water.

My Experiences with this Natural Acne Remedy

I’ve been dealing with acne for a long time now and have seen 4 dermatologists over the years. I no longer want to be taking antibiotics, prescriptions or harsh chemicals… I’m over it! I’ve finally got my acne under control, you can click here to see the complete system I used to clear my acne.

ACV has played a big role in my acne treatment system, but it’s only a part of my whole system.
The biggest benefits that I’m pretty sure can be attributed to the ACV are:

  • Disappearance of Redness
  • My acne scars seem to be actually be shrinking!
  • Prevention and fighting of acne