How to Choose Tattoo Numbing Cream

No matter how many times you have had your skin inked, the next time you step in a tattoo clinic, you will swear the piercing needles still create that painful sensation. Fortunately for the educated and more experienced, the pain element has already been taken care of. They totally understand that with the application of the best numbing cream for tattoos, they can say goodbye to pain and say hello to pleasure even with a needle piercing through their skin for that desired tattoo design.

Why do you need to use a tattoo numbing cream?

Tattoo numbing creams are used to reduce, even eliminate possible needle pain while getting tattooed. They work like local anesthesia and should be applied before getting a tattoo. If you are highly sensitive to pain or just want to experience the pleasure of seeing the inked skin minus the sense of the piercing needle on your skin, a tattoo numbing cream will be an effective ally. Take note, however, that improper use of such a cream may lead to some serious skin or health issues. So if you intend to use a tattoo numbing cream you have to make sure that you know what specific cream and how to use it.

Tattoo numbing cream contains one of these two active ingredients: Lidocaine and Benzocaine. Both active ingredients in a numbing cream help desensitize the area where it is applied. professional tattooist would normally apply this local anesthetic before proceeding with the procedure. The difference between the two is in the area of application. Lidocaine is applied on the outer skin, while Benzocaine is applied to mucous membranes, such as the gum, inside the cheek, and the anus.

If you are a tattooist, you may want to know which are considered the best options when it comes to tattoo numbing creams. It will help if you can get reviews from other tattooists and users of the available products, as these can assist you in deciding which product to purchase. Though these products are generally affordable, the fact that it’s not free means you’ll need to spend some time to research to find the best product that is sold at the best price by one of the best sellers available.

Depending on the strength of the cream, you may experience the effects of the product for about 60 minutes to a few hours.

Is there any side effect of using a tattoo numbing cream?

Even though many affirms the effectivity of these tattoo numbing creams, there are also a few who report experiencing some side effects after using numbing creams, such as skin irritation, inflammation, redness, itchiness, and even some tingling and burning sensation. There were instances when the common effects are experienced right after the application of the cream. There are instances, however, where the effects manifest only after a day or two. This means that if you have fairly sensitive skin, it is better to consult your doctor and ask for his recommendation or approval if you’re thinking of using an over-the-counter numbing cream.

How do you find the best tattoo numbing cream?

The easiest way to find the best cream will be to ask your doctor for a recommendation. You may also connect with other tattoo artists and customers online for their personal reviews on similar products that they have already tried. Online shops, such as Amazon also displays customers’ unsolicited reviews. You will definitely learn much about the experience of real people who have considered using a particular numbing cream that you may want to buy.

Manufacturers of these creams will definitely have websites or social network pages. It is best that you check them for available additional information as well as reviews. The additional details will make the process of selecting a lot easier. It will also be easier to compare prices if you check several sources first before proceeding with the purchase.

Though there are several brands that may offer a tattoo numbing cream, there is no guarantee that all of them will work the way they worked for others. If you are considering buying over the counter, ask if they allow a patch test to see if there will be any immediate reaction on your skin before actually buying the product.

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