Fighting Acne

Natural Acne Cures for Fighting Acne

3 Step Home Remedy for Acne

Note: These three steps are just one small part of my complete home remedy for acne. Click here to see my total system for fighting acne.

Step One – Cleanse

Splash LOTS of warm water on your face. This helps fighting acne by opening your pores to allow your facial cleanser to deeply penetrate into your skin. Now wash with a facial cleanser using a gentle circular motion. Rinse the soap of will cold water to close your pores back up.

Note: NEVER use a soap meant for your body on your face. These soaps can cause irritation, dry skin, and can clog the pores causing more acne. Make sure to use a soap specially formulated to your face.

Step Two – Tone

Toning is the one step in fighting acne that most people overlook. Toning is an absolutely crucial step in your acne treatment system. There’s a reason all those “prepackaged” acne systems contain a toner. (I have had little to no success with these systems, and do not recommend purchasing them. Click here to see the acne system I’ve had great success with)

A skin toner is extremely easy to use. Soak a cotton ball with the solution run it over your face, and your done. A skin toner clears your face of left over cleanser and residue from the water in your sink. If left on your skin these can clog your pores and result in more acne problems. The toning step also helps to close your pores, important before the last moisturizing step.

Tip: Before going out and buying an expensive toner with lots of chemicals, check out my post on the acne fighting properties of apple cider vinegar. Weird I know, but using apple cider vinegar as a toner has proved to be one of the best natural acne remedy I’ve experienced.

Step Three – Moisturize

Moisturizing is an important part of fighting acne because it keeps your glands from producing excess natural oils. If your skin is already hydrated and moist your glands won’t produce too much natural oils. When these oils are produced in excess, they clog the pores and become one of the major causes of acne problems.

When choosing a moisturizer make sure you get an oil-free, light moisturizer if you have oily skin and extra moisturizing lotion if you have dry skin.