Why You Have Acne on the Back and Chest?

Acne is appalling obsession of many of us. Not only on the face but acne also grows on the chest or back causing much trouble. So why do you encounter back acne? With us find out soon!

Why You Have Acne on the Back and Chest

1. The skin on the back and chest may get acne

Back and chest acne are caused by acne. Acne is a pathological condition of the sebaceous hair follicle units. There are 4 causes of acne. These include increased sebum production, follicle keratinization, P. acnes bacteria and inflammatory response. You notice that acne is common in areas with sebaceous glands, prone to clogged pores. Unfortunately, the dorsal area focuses a lot of sebaceous glands, the back skin is also very thick so it can easily clog pores. Clogged pores by sebum will cause acne causing bacteria to grow and form inflammatory acne.

2. Shampoos can cause back and chest acne

Normal amounts of natural lubricant on the skin that clog pores will form acne. Similarly, the oils in shampoo products can also clog hair follicles. To minimize the possibility of back acne, make sure to remove shampoo from your skin. In addition, you can switch to oil-free shampoos (oil-free), do not clog pores (won’t clog pores), do not create acne (non-comedogenic).

3. Do not shower after sweating causes acne on the back and chest

Physical activities often make our bodies sweat. Many of us often have a habit of not showering right after exercising. However, the long waiting period will cause sweat, dirt on the skin to cause acne. So, a clean shower after sweating helps limit acne breakouts in the chest and back.

4. Wearing tight clothing often causes acne in the back and chest

Fitness clothes, diving swimwear or tight-fitting ones are one of the causes of back acne. Wearing tight clothes often makes the back and chest hot and sweaty. This makes acne easier to form. Therefore, limiting the tight-fitting and regular cleaning of furniture will help reduce acne.

5. Sunscreen causes acne in the back and chest

Sunscreen is needed to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. However, you need to choose a sunscreen that’s right for your skin to prevent acne. If the acne on your chest and back is severe and not exposed to much sunlight, you can skip the sunscreen and cover with clothing. When you’re outdoors, like swimming, look for a sunscreen that doesn’t cause acne.

6. Diet causes back and chest acne

The food you eat every day is linked to acne. This happens for acne in the face and acne in the back or chest. Foods that contain a lot of sugar, starch, oils such as chocolate, milk, fried foods … are the essentials of acne. Also drinking less water every day also makes the body dehydrated and dehydrated skin. This leads to increased sebum secretion and acne formation. In contrast, leafy greens and fruits contain lots of vitamins that are good for preventing acne.

7. Hormonal disorders cause acne in the back and chest

Acne usually begins to appear at the age of puberty for boys and girls. During this period there is an increase in the sex hormones, which is the reason for the increased sebaceous gland activity. Areas of skin with sebaceous glands, such as the chest and back, will increase oil production and form acne. Other endocrine disorders such as pregnant women, women of menopause due to sudden hormonal changes can also cause acne.

Depending on the location, hormonal changes will not last long for each person. When you go through puberty or after pregnancy, the amount of hormones will decrease and acne will also decrease.

8. Prolonged stress causes acne in the back and chest

Always in a state of anxiety or prolonged stress will easily cause acne. Because when the body is stressed, it affects many organs in the body, including hormones. Disorders of the activity of hormones will cause acne outbreaks .

Acne not only appears on the face but also on the back or chest makes many people depressed. In addition to the causes can not be changed immediately as related to endocrine. The remaining causes can easily change in the way of daily activities to help prevent acne recurrence.